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Is It Always God’s Will to Heal?

Is it God‘s will to heal everyone today? You really need to settle that question before you can have confidence that God is always for our healing.

If you don’t settle it, it’s sometimes hard to receive healing. And the enemy will convince you to believe the opposite.

You also have to settle that there is an enemy. Many people don’t even believe there is a devil, an enemy to God and to man. This opens to door to deception (Satan’s best tool).

Satan spends his time working on deceiving people, trying to convince them that he doesn’t exist. This way he can get us to blame God for everything and believe it.

He also likes to twist the scripture in our mind so we don’t really believe it is saying what it’s saying. It’s like the scripture that states that Jesus “healed them all”. The enemy will whisper, “Yeah but not you. Y0u can’t be healed because you messed up the other day” or “That’s a bad translation because Jesus did not REALLY heal ALL”,

Or take James 5:14–15 that asks the question, “Is there any sick among you? Then let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray…”

Obviously if they need to ask that question then there aren’t supposed to be any sick people there. And if there are, pray for them and get them healed.

Why? Because it is ALWAYS God’s will to heal.

Yes, there are things that can hinder healing – that’s for the next post! You need to appreciate that I’m trying to shorten the Musings (smile).

Your time is valuable but putting some Word in daily is nore valuable.

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